What do couples gain during the Couple's Retreat Weekend?

Imago Therapy

This is your weekend of discovery. Perhaps what you learn is new to you, perhaps you just need to be reminded. Regardless, during the ten to twelve exclusive hours you spend in private session with me you will...

... develop the ability to really listen until the voice you hear is other than your own. And you will learn to speak so that your words can be heard. You will have ample time to practice this specific method of productive communication and during the weekend you will be able to listen and speak to each other in complete safety.

... acquire the tools you need to build a lasting and loving relationship.

... hone the skills that are needed to create the harmony that you want in your lives.

... begin to understand how the dynamics of your early life experiences have contributed to the power struggle in your relationship today.

... come to resolution of differences and discord through a mutual relationship vision in all aspects of sharing a life together whether you are married, living together, with children and without children.

Wine Country Therapy Couple Retreat

"I think the best thing we got out of our time with you was hope, which makes it easier to put aside 'doing the dishes' and focus on us."
~ B and R L. ~