Couples' Testimonials

"I hope this letter finds you well and happy. In short, you made Carmen and me a bit more whole, and more importantly gave us a tremendous tool box of tools we can use daily. I want you to know that you truly made an impact on us as a couple as well as a family member. Thank you again for all that you do and give to people. We plan to use you again if we are in the area, sort of a "milestone" checkup.
Thank you again. Bless you, on all that you do, for so many in your community.
~ B. and C. (the military couple).

"You have changed our lives forever. I know you tell us that we did the work, but you guided us."
~ T G. and C G.

"A weekend that changed our life! It's amazing that so much long-term change can come from one short weekend."
~ T B.

"The positive impact on our relationship has continued long after the weekend."
~ S and M G.

"I think the best thing we got out of our time with you was hope, which makes it easier to put aside 'doing the dishes' and focus on us."
~ B and R L.

"Dear Marianne,
Thank you for your note. I realize we get stronger when we keep our inner focus and not let others influence where we need to be. I very much appreciate your support.
With love in spirit,"
~ E.

"Dear Marianne,
Thank you for believing in me, and for helping me discover the strength, courage, and sense of self, I myself could not fully acknowledge. You have been instrumental in this phase of my life. The phase where I appreciate who I am. Thank You my friend. Love ,"
~ S.

"The counselor helped us create a safe place to realize and explore issues and needs that neither one of us had been able to do before. It felt like we were focusing more on our individual issues than our "relationship", but that's what we needed. The coolest part was seeing how perfect we really are for each other. The exact things that one needs from the other, to heal old wounds, is what is so hard for the other to give, because it touches their wounds. We've been allowing that to cause conflicts and tear us apart, when we could have be working through them and healing us both. Being able to see the beauty of that match, like infinitely complex spherical gears, was awesome. We can either help each other heal ourselves or grind each other to a halt. Suffice it to say, it was a very spiritual experience."
~ A. & C.

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