Restaurant Information

Here is a list of a few of the many wonderful restaurants in Sonoma and are located close to the Cottage.

Some have personal comments and others have comments based on reviewers. Rather than listing telephone number and address you will find their websites so that you can evaluate them yourselves and chose to make your reservations based on your personal preferences.

The Girl and the Figcouple's coaching
Located directly on the plaza, The Girl and the Fig is very popular and crowded on Saturday. Reservations are necessary.

La Salettecouple's coaching
Located in one of the charming “allies” off the plaza, LaSalette , a Portuguese cuisine, is a bit more quiet. Reservations required.

Café La Hayecouple's coaching
This restaurant has an excellent reputation and is expensive. Reservations required.

The Red Grapecouple's coaching
A casual restaurant with good pizza. Usually reservations not required.

Sunflower Cafecouple's coaching
Casual and nice outside dining in good weather.

Plaza Bistrocouple's coaching
This is a lovely bistro style restaurant.

Breakaway Cafécouple's coaching
Located off the plaza, closer to the cottage, this is a diner style restaurant with good food.

Tortilleria Jalisco
Tortilleria Jalisco is a tiny, tiny Mexican restaurant that is authentic, inexpensive and, if you love Mexican cuisine, yummy. While it is very casual, it attracts many people.

Caneros Bistro and Wine Barcouple's coaching
This can be a very expensive experience or relatively inexpensive depending on which menu you order from. They offer great pizza, nice wines and also an extensive menu. Food is excellent, ambiance also very nice.


For additional restaurant selections search for to "restaurants Sonoma ca".

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