Coaching Methods

Coaching or therapeutic methods to psychological counseling are many and varied.

With access to the internet people are becoming more educated and informed about medical and psychological treatments available which enables individuals to make better choices for their care.

Coach Marianne has received advanced training in hypnosis and Imago Couples Therapy. Her education included studies in cognitive/behavioral therapy, attachment theory, integrative therapy, social context restructioning, solution oriented, etc.

Most important, however, is the interactive process that goes on between the client and the therapist. That process involves listening to the spoken and unspoken words of the client and the intuitive understanding by the therapist. All the education in a lifetime is not sufficient without incorporating the soul aspect of the client/therapist relationship. It is within the context of this relationship that the work emerges and healing occurs.

Therapy Methods


"This was the weekend that changed our lives! It is amazing that so much long-term change can come from one short weekend. Thank you Marianne!"
~ T B.