The Whys of Couple's Retreat?

Most couples fall in love... some work their way into it... but at some point two people say "I love you and I want you in my life forever". Some say, "I can't imagine life without you", or "I feel like I've known your forever" and "When I'm with you I feel whole". This feeling of romantic bliss can last for three months, even a year, but at some point conflict sets in and there is a power struggle, a struggle to survive emotionally within your relationship. Communication becomes difficult if not impossible, there is a feeling of disconnection and partners ultimately fight or flee. This happens in almost all intimate and committed relationships. And it can seem hopeless.

Through coaching, couples begin to understand themselves and their partners, learning that the lens your partner looks through presents a very different view of the world than that of your lens. In an environment of safety and support couples learn new skills and gain useful tools to move back into connection and thereby experience abiding love. After all, romantic love is temporary... it is the glue that holds the relationship together while navigating the power struggle. The ultimate goal of intimate relationships is deep and abiding love.

Couple's Retreat in the Bay Area

Invite these important components into your relationship. Learn how to have a safe and joyful life with your partner through a psychological as well as educational process, and wake up to the potential for lasting, abiding love and friendship that is hidden within your relationship. This is an opportunity to explore new beginnings in an environment of complete safety and relaxation.

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