Introducing Marianne Harms

Who is Marianne Harms?


Marianne Harms, LCSW/CSW is a coach and Pennsylvania licensed psychotherapist. She has been in private practice in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for over 20 years and recently has relocated to Sonoma to establish a couple's retreat and coaching practice in this beautiful wine country. She is a Masters in Social Work graduate of Adelphi University, New York, certified in advanced hypnosis, holds advanced certification in Imago Couple therapy and completed training in Spiritual Direction through the Center for Spirituality and Justice in New York.

Marianne has presented workshops dealing with relationship, self-esteem and spiritual awareness extensively throughout the United States. She has lectured to groups and consulted with organizations on the subject of emotional well-being through positive thinking, nutrition and exercise.

Prior to her current profession, Marianne was an aesthetician and make-up artist working primarily with facially traumatized women. She worked with Stanford University Hospital Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and volunteered at the Santa Clara Hospital Burn Unit while maintaining a private studio in the San Francisco Bay area for 17 years. It was through this experience that she began to understand the effect of trauma and abuse on the psyche of the individual and how it interferes in one's ability to establish healthy relationships.

This awareness led Marianne to pursue her education, both formal and through affiliations with Imago Couple therapists with whom she worked, bringing her to her establish Center Street Coaching and the Sonoma Couple's Retreat in Sonoma California.

Her greatest education however came in the earlier part of her life as she struggled through her own personal challenges. Through the the guidance of a therapist and caring people, and her own belief in the ability for humans to heal even the deepest wounds, she was able to thrive and become the person she is today... positive, joyful and content.

More importantly, Marianne says, "Raising my sons to be happy, healthy and productive husbands and fathers is my greatest accomplishment and watching them raise their families is my most satisfying reward. I am blessed."

Introducing Charlie

Charlie is my co-coach. He's semi retired now so some days he just doesn't show up for sessions. However, when he does he is very attentive, compassionate and non-judgmental. Charlie reminds people that, underneath all the struggle, they are just as they are meant to be in the moment and wants you to understand that acceptance of what is in the moment makes change possible. He also reminds me when I become anxious about the future that "everything is ok right now." And, of course it is, because Charlie lives in the "right now". Well, Charlie is very philosophical and you can expect him to bring his wisdom to the sessions... when he shows up.

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