Don’t wait another minute to have the relationship you always hoped for.

The possibilities are endless.

Begin to have hope, then determination, then do the work.

When you are ready, just make the call. I can help. It's what I do!

Is there hope for our relationship?

Not only is there hope for an end to the struggle, but there is the strong possibility that within your relationship lies the basis for abiding intimacy and friendship.

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What type of support do you offer?

The most important support couples need while exploring the possibilities and potentials of their relationship is an environment of safety. Aside from teaching new skills and offering tools for communication, Coach Marianne holds couples within a safe atmosphere to ensure mutual respect for one another. It is in this environment that partners can speak comfortably, and be heard.

About Coach Marianne

An essential aspect of the work couples do during their time with Coach Marianne is to understand the dynamics of intimate love relationships. Also , essential are the tools and skills that are gained during this time together. Coach Marianne brings her education and expertise of 20 years to the weekend. More importantly, she brings her wisdom of life experience and compassion for the courage and love couples bring to the work.

Couples' Testimonials

  • You have changed our lives forever. I know you tell us that we did the work, but you guided us.

    T G. and C G.

    Couple in love
  • I think the best thing we got out of our time with you was hope, which makes it easier to put aside 'doing the dishes' and focus on us.

    B and R L.

    Happily Married Couple
  • The positive impact on our relationship has continued long after the weekend.

    S and M G.

    Grateful customers

"I can help... it's what I do!"


Coach Marianne

Marianne Harms

How many other couples will be at the retreat?

A unique aspect to the Sonoma Couple's Retreat is that it is exclusive, working in the context of the relationship one couple at a time.
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Why should we consider going to a retreat?

When you are ready to stop grieving, raging, suffering, failing, fearing and dying inside, you should consider a retreat. When you are ready to come alive and need the guidance of a trained professional coach you should consider a retreat... The Sonoma Couple's Retreat.
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Couple's Retreat

Sonoma Couple's Retreat is the second step. Making the call is the first.

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