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April, 2014
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Take a Bubble Bath

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Did you ever watch a worm wiggle his way into the earth or watch a lady bug travel over a leaf?  I’m a gardener so I have.  Have you ever looked into the eyes of a dinosaur or examined her teeth? Neither have I.

Whether exploration is as small as a bug or as big as a dinosaur it takes you on a journey to something else.  Exploration is about something else and to get there you have to leave where you are.  You need to leave the comfort of your living room, the certainty of your beliefs and thoughts, the security of your environment. When you get curious enough and muster up the courage, exploration will open doors to new learning and personal growth.

After you have traveled the globe and explored life’s mysteries, you can always come back to the place where you started and perhaps see it for the first time.

Dear Reader:

I don’t often take time for a bubble bath but when I do I wonder why I don’t do it more often.  There is something about submerging ones self in warm water, becoming weightless, being surrounded by millions of molecules of H2O that energizes and relaxes all at the same time.

Energize and relax….at the same time.  It’s tricky and a little hard to pull off, yet essential to our well being.  Life sometimes gets away with my energy and that leaves me, well, impatient. Yes, I hate to admit it.  My impatience plays itself out in so many ways but most of all it interferes with my appreciation of all the beauty that surrounds me.   To retain my composure and sanity I need a bubble bath; or I can sit on my rocking-chair porch and watch the birds come to the fountain for their bath, and that works. It’s really all about becoming immersed in the moment so that I take the time to just be. (Water is the ultimate element in which to immerse.)

The opposite of impatience is “being in the moment” which may seem hackneyed but, truly, it is when I am present to whatever I am doing that I find that place of peace somewhere in my brain.  In those moments of peace, I feel the warmth of  love coming to me and it overflows from me as well.  If love is a state of mind it is a wonderful place to be and, like the bath, I wonder why I don’t go there more often.

In her book, The Unbearable Wholeness of Being, Ilia Delio writes, “Our challenge today is to trust the power of love at the heart of life, to let ourselves be seized by love, to create and invent ways for love to evolve into a global wholeness of unity, compassion, justice, and peacemaking.  As a process of evolution, the universe is incomplete, and we humans are incomplete.  We can change, grow, and become something new.  We have the power to do so, but do we have the will?”
Love is important.  Self love is the most important because when love is in the core of my being, I can then give my love to others.  The more I love myself, the more abundantly I can give it away.  The more I love myself the more I allow myself to be loved.  As I give love and receive love the more complete I become.  As Delio writes, we humans are incomplete but we can grow if we have the will.
Go take a bubble bath and think about it.

                                         LOVE AS THE SACRED FRIENDSHIP

Marriage takes relationships beyond “mating” to sacred friendship. As a couple’s love grows in respect and empathy for themselves as well as for each other, there evolves an abiding friendship and a depth of connection and commitment.  As the relationship unfolds couples realize their union has fostered their own inherent goodness as well as encouraged the emerging of their partner’s.

Just imagine that your entire extended family has created a spiritual bond with their partners and then they extended that respect and empathy to the rest of their family.  Now imagine that everyone in your neighborhood has had the same experience with their families.  Wow, can you imagine how great it would be to take your dog for a walk in that neighborhood.  It would feel so safe, so good.
What if that safety could be extended to the entire world.  I know, I know.  It’s a stretch.  But, as each one of us realizes our own goodness and brings that part of us to our intimate, love relationship we begin to heal the world, one couple at a time.  Delio asks, “We have the power to do so, but do we have the will?”
Center Street Coaching and Sonoma Couples Retreat offers guidance in coming to solutions for the challenges life brings to you.

When it is time for a change and you need direction and support I can help, its what I do.



Marianne Harms, LCSW/CSW
Couples and Life Coach 


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